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Vermut literari i presentació de Sails & Winds de Michael Eaude amb Manuel Lillo

16 de Febrer a les 12:00 - 14:00

Manuel Lillo, director d’El Temps, farà la presentació del llibre de Michael Eaude sobre el País Valencià, Sails & Winds, el dia 16 de febrer (a les 12), a la llibreria La Carbonera, Carrer Blai 40, Poble Sec.

Michael Eaude kicks off ’Sails & Winds’ with a simple introduction which both reveals and clarifies all the confusions about the name of the place and the nature of the language. (The latter he defines using the elegant words of the now legendary singer and actor Ovidi Montllor: ’I speak Catalan in the style of Valencia’).

Once all this has been cleared up, Eaude launches into a non-stop, kaleidoscopic tour of Valencia, in which we are taken back through time, pushed back again into the present or the more recent past, and moved, as if by sleight of hand, from place to place until by the end of the book we have the feeling we’ve been almost everywhere worth being.

Although ’Sails & Winds’ contains some stunning descriptions of certain landscapes, towns and buildings, it avoids the fawning clichés so often to be found in standard guidebooks, and offers us a great deal more, such as a cultural overview of Valencian literature in both Catalan and Spanish through references to a handful of key figures: Ausiàs March, Joanot Martorell, Max Aub, Miguel Hernández, Blasco Ibañez. Similar overviews are given of Valencian singer-songwriting (Raimon and Ovidi), and painting (Joaquín Sorolla, above all).

Matthew Tree

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16 de Febrer
12:00 - 14:00
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La Carbonera Espai de llibres
Blai 40
Barcelona, 08004 Espanya
938 32 20 17